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1031 Exchange in Real Estate - Updates, Issues and Trends - 3 Clock hours
In this three, clock hour class students will learn: *What 1031 Exchange is, the requirements and qualifications and who is considered a qualified intermediary *Identification rules, how vesting should be held and related party issues *Reverse and improvement type exchanges and what to expect regarding closing costs related to a 1031 exchange *Lesser known exchange alternatives - Delaware Statutory Trust, IRC Section 121 and vacation homes and examples of how to apply them

Avoid Closing Delays - The Baker's Dozen - 3 Clock hours
In this clock hour class we will discuss & review 12 sections of page 1 of the Purchase & Sale Agreement (Form 21). Specifically, we will explore how many items on just the first page of the sale contract can be involved with delays in closing as well as addressing preventative measures to avoid them. Sections covered are:
• Buyer & Seller
• Property Information
• Included Items: Other
• Purchase Price
• Earnest Money
• Title Insurance Company
• Closing Agent
• Closing Date
• Services of Closing Agent for Payment of Utilities
• Charges and Assessments Due After Closing
• Addenda
• Signatures & Contact Information In addition, we have also included a bonus section that addresses how in those critical, last few days prior to closing, the escrow department hurdles challenges and makes everything come together as well as what parties can do to help avoid delays.

CORE Curriculum 2018-2019 - 3 Clock hours
In the latest 2018-2019 DOL-mandated version of Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate, class will discuss: National Legislative Issues
• Marriage Equality & Real Estate
• Counseling & Incentives
• VA Housing Washington Legislative Issues
• Recent Real Estate related passed and unpassed State & House Bills Legal Update
• Presenting all offers in a timely manner, complete transactions logs/files, requirements on written authority of delegation
• Seller disclosures vs. caveat emptor, scope of broker’s license, WA consumer protection act Business Practices Update
• Teams, licensee’s status as an independent contractor, broker personal safety, DOL online renewal
• Introductory letters, multiple offer scenarios, builder contracts, professional cooperation
• Flood insurance issues, disclosure & dual agency, scope of broker’s license & competent referrals, signatory authority of clients
• Licensing law requirements & social media, Third-party websites

Elder Fraud and Easements - Does Title Insurance Cover That? - 3 Clock hours
In this story packed, clock hour class students will learn how title insurance does or doesn’t come into play with elder fraud and easements. Students will learn:
• The red flags title and escrow watch out for when insuring and closing transactions for the elderly
• How capacity, notaries, powers of attorney, reverse mortgages and forgery are avenues for fraud
• What easements are commonly seen in a title commitment, how they are established, how they can be removed and what they mean
• What title coverages are available for each policy and when losses may occur As we progress through the material, each topic will include many case studies and stories including:
• A mother of four who lost big on her 350-acre family farm from the ‘40s thanks to her children
• A shady contractor who swindled millions from elderly homeowners
• A sham sale with a crooked friend and a confused 101-year-old homeowner
• A daughter’s million-dollar addition to her mansion thanks to mom
• How a missing signature and an inaccurate survey cost a homeowner big
• How a few rare fish land-locked a homeowner
• How a few dogs and too much watering can get you in court
• What happens when a pool is in your driveway

Escrow - How Closings Happen Today - 3 Clock hours
This 3 clock hour class is designed to help real estate brokers understand today’s real estate closing processes. Items covered include: - What escrow is? - Who regulates it? - What are LPOs and what they can do? - How the closing process has changed - What are in a settlement agent's opening packages to buyers and sellers? - What do the escrow closing instructions really mean? - Recent changes to laws that affect settlement agents - Common Challenges in Closings

Escrow and The Road to Closing - Opening Packages, Title Review, Understanding Settlement Statement - 3 Clock hours
In this three, clock hour class students will learn specifics on some of the processes and documents used and created to close a transaction as well as best practices to curtail closing delays. Specifically, students will learn:
•What escrow is, what a day in the life of escrow looks like, and what Limited Practice Officers (LPOs) are.
•Students will review the “Opening Package” documents sent to buyers and sellers and will gain a better understanding of how critical the package itself, and the timely return of some pages are in the closing process.
•Students will learn about title review timelines, how to navigate a sample title report and what red flags to look for during this period.
•Commonly used settlement terms will be defined for students as well as a review, section-by-section, on how to interpret and understand the debits and credits shown on a settlement statement with example scenarios included.

Facebook Marketing Essentials - 3 Clock hours
In this 3 clock hour class you will learn how to effectively use Facebook to do the following: *Create effective posts *Boost posts *Promote your page *Study how and where to gather content *Build ad campaigns *Understand how Facebook's "Audience Insights" can open up new and exciting farming opportunities ***Laptops are welcome if you wish to follow along***

Facebook Marketing Essentials Part II - Lead Generation - 3 Clock hours
This 3 clock hour class is a follow up to our first “Facebook Marketing Essentials for Real Estate Brokers” class. In this class we will share new and innovative ways to target and market to a specific Facebook Audience, using your Business Page. You can use this information to help you find target markets such as sellers, move-up buyers as well as empty-nesters and everything in between to benefit your business with your best strategy and imagination being the driver. We will assist in: - Identifying your target audience - Providing many specific target market scenarios that may be useful for your business model - Creating content and branding - Exploring how content placement can allow you to connect with your local community and spheres to generate business leads and referrals Essentially, we will take the past practices of real estate farming and apply them to what Facebook has to offer in an easily understood and practical way that is efficient and powerful for your business. ***Laptops are optional, but definitely advised if you'd like to follow along with Rene as he navigates Facebook***

Instagram Marketing for Real Estate - 3 Clock hours
In this 3 clock hour class students will learn how create and implement a marketing strategy with Instagram that will make their online brand more visible in their local market area and region. By sharing and documenting the local activities you are already doing through pictures, short videos, and good use of hashtags, you can create a fan base and an ongoing conversation that can lead to business. This class will highlight: - How Instagram can be best used as a social media platform for marketing and online exposure - How to create a meaningful profile and bio - Why and how to use hashtags to get indexed in the search engines - Tips on taking better photos - Editing apps to enhance your photos and add text to create messages and memes - Hands on photo shoot with guidance and advice - Who to follow and why you want to engage them to grow a sphere of influence ***15 student maximum***

MobileComCamp 101: Implementing Your HyperLocal Marketing Strategy - 3 Clock hours
MobileComCamp 101 is a fun, fast paced, hands on class that will teach the real estate broker how best to use four of the most popular social media platforms via the smartphone to create a meaningful presence in your local community’s online conversation. Participation in this conversation will create more visibility in the search engines and more opportunities for future business. The broker will also learn what community related conversations are important to follow to create spheres that matter to the real estate professional. Prior to class you will need to download and set up the apps on your phone. We’ll be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yelp. If you need help setting up these apps on your phone, please contact your First American Title rep. ***15 Student Maximum***

Non-Clock Hour Class - Escrow and Tips for a Smoother Closing - Red Flags, Buyer/Seller Info, FIRPTA - 0 Clock hours
In this one, non-clock hour class attendees will:
• Gain valuable tips about ways to make the closing run smoother: a. Closing delay red flags to watch out for. b. The importance of receiving buyer & seller information and why it's more critical than ever. c. How FIRPTA can impact a closing.
• Review the progression of a typical transaction
• Learn how the escrow process works

Non-Clock Hour Class - Mechanic's Lien and Broken Priority Explained - 0 Clock hours
In this one, non-clock hour class students will learn how a mechanic's lien priority can be impactful in title insurance underwriting and what documentation is needed to insure. In addition, broken priority will be defined as well as exploring alternatives when owners and contractors or suppliers have disputes.

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - 1031 Exchange Overview and Strategies - 0 Clock hours
Tax-deferred exchanges are an increasingly popular subject among investors and real estate professionals. Exchanges can be an important tool in your business model. Join us and learn the latest information and strategies behind 1031 exchanges.

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - 1031 Exchange Overview and Strategies for Lenders - 0 Clock hours
This one, non-clock hour class will introduce: - 1031 Exchange Overview - Vesting Issues - Lender Fees - "Overfunding" - Reverse and Improvement Exchanges

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - Facebook Basics for Real Estate - 0 Clock hours
This one, non-clock hour class will teach real estate brokers the importance of Facebook in building their business and useful strategies to do just that. This class covers: *Basics of navigating Facebook including privacy settings *Creating a profile *Friends/groups and filtering *Facebook Business page options *Tips on best practices *What type of post to do when At the end of the hour every broker will leave more confident about their Facebook game plan. 6 PERSON MINIMUM FOR CLASS TO COMMENCE

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - Facebook Workshop No 1 - Creating Your Business Page - 0 Clock hours
In this one, non-clock hour class students will learn, 'hands-on,' how to create your first Facebook Business Page from scratch for the purposes of advertising your listings, marketing your brand and services, and connecting with your local community and spheres. 5 PERSON MINIMUM FOR CLASS TO COMMENCE ***PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOP****

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - Facebook Workshop No 2 - Targeted Marketing - 0 Clock hours
In this one, non-clock hour class students will get acquainted with the powerful Facebook tools located in the Audience Insights module. In this ‘hands-on’ workshop, real estate brokers will create targeted marketing scenarios to use in ad campaigns that will reach very specific groups of people based on demographics, location, income, lifestyle, housing, interests, and several other factors… 6 PERSON MINIMUM FOR CLASS TO COMMENCE

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - Farming: Old School Meets New School - 0 Clock hours
FARMing is a tried and true nostalgic real estate business development strategy. While the old axioms - Location, Lifestyle, and Community still prevail, its context has changed in contemporary terms with the advent of technology and social media. In this one hour workshop real estate brokers will learn tried and true methods of choosing and developing a FARM area as well as quick, easy ways to capture the local demographics to craft a personalized marketing message. In addition, they will learn how to look at prospecting scenarios based on annual turnover rate as well as ownership longevity in a particular neighborhood to best target the market for first time buyers, move up buyers, investor scenarios, empty nesters, etc... We’ll also explore a few hyper-local social media scenarios that work in concert with the old school approach of FARMing to help brokers connect with their audience as well as best practices for building brand awareness and online visibility to nurture their target market. 6 PERSON MINIMUM FOR CLASS TO COMMENCE

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - Instagram Marketing Workshop for Real Estate Professionals - 0 Clock hours
In this one, non-clock hour class attendees will learn the fundamentals of creating a social media presence through Instagram. Specifically, this class highlights the use of photos and hashtags, ways to create content in a surprisingly easy manner and how to get indexed in search engines. After completing class, students will have a better understanding of: - The caliber of audience available for digital marketing through Instagram - The basics to getting started with creating profiles, posts, selfies - Photography tips for better quality posts - Strategy to gain visibility with Instagram - The use of hashtags and why they are extremely important for search indexing and marketing success - Hashtag examples and application tips

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - Introduction to zipForm® Plus - 0 Clock hours
In this paid, one non-clock hour class, real estate brokers will learn the many new form filing features offered with ZipForm® Plus. This training will introduce you to some of the new features you can to access through zipForm® Plus, and provide you with the basic steps for opening zipForm® Plus and creating a transaction file.

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - Mindful Business Planning - 0 Clock hours
In this one, non-clock hour class, students will learn techniques and organizational skills needed to create a solid business plan. This hands-on workbook class will: - Examine your client base and opportunities for expansion - Create an action plan to identify and realize goals - Introduce tools to better track time spent - Measure return of investment (ROI) - Highlight which activities best achieve your defined goals

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - Mobile Communication Workshop - 0 Clock hours
The Mobile Communication Workshop is a one hour conversation where we delve into the basic building blocks of a mobile marketing strategy that effectively puts you in front of people with a purpose. In this workshop you’ll learn the key components of a ‘best practices’ mobile marketing strategy and how best to use... * Yelp * Instagram * Twitter This workshop will explore how mobile marketing can be an enhancement to all of your current marketing efforts. It’s a contemporary and proactive way to FARM by reaching and nurturing relationships with consumers and businesses to expand your referral base. Please join First American Title’s School of Real Estate instructor Rene Fabre for this engaging workshop. The better you understand the where, why, and how consumers use mobile devices online the better equipped you’ll be to realize the opportunity. 6 PERSON MINIMUM FOR CLASS TO COMMENCE

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - Real Estate in the Social Media Age - 0 Clock hours
In this one, non-clock hour class we will explore the various social media platforms that brokers may use when executing a marketing plan and how the social media ecosystem works. Platforms covered include:
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Blogging & Podcasts At class conclusion, students will have a better understanding of how to increase online presence and brand recognition. Email Summary: Students will explore the various social media platforms available to them when executing a marketing plan and will be give tips on how to best use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more to increase online presence and brand recognition.

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - The Title and Escrow Update - Tax Witholdings (FIRPTA) and Cybercrime - 0 Clock hours
In this one hour class real estate brokers will learn the new changes implemented by the IRS in relation to foreign investment tax witholdings(FIRPTA) settlement agents must address and how potential title issues may occur if the guidelines are not followed. Real Estate Brokers will also become familiar with fraudulent phishing schemes that are currently impacting the real estate community and preventative measures to keep themselves and their clients safe. 6 PERSON MINIMUM FOR CLASS TO COMMENCE

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - The War on Wire Fraud in Real Estate Transactions - 0 Clock hours
With overall loses estimated to be in the millions, real estate wire fraud is an industry wide epidemic that is crippling the American dream for some unlucky victims. As they say, it takes a village of all those involved in the transaction to limit the risks. This class will teach students: - Common Wire Fraud Scenarios seen in real estate transactions - Ways the hackers are gaining access to your and your clients' computers, phones and private information - through phishing, malware, smishing, spoofing, etc. - Tips on how to outsmart the hackers and avoid being hacked - Key ideas, stories and preventative tips to pass on to your clients about wire fraud and its, sometimes, dream crushing results.

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - Top 5 Online Profile Updates - 0 Clock hours
Times and people change rapidly and so has technology. A key ingredient to web presence is your online profile which can often lead to business opportunities. In this class real estate brokers will learn: *Why it’s important to update your profile on a regular basis. *How to craft profile language that will maximize your value statement and visibility. *How simple content creation can foster relationships in the business community and give you and your brand more exposure to potential clients. *Places online you haven’t thought about creating your profile, but should. *How to create a profile that invites relationships and won’t be ignored. 6 PERSON MINIMUM FOR CLASS TO COMMENCE

Non-Clock Hour Class - Paid - Using Yelp as a Marketing Strategy - 0 Clock hours
In this non-clock hour class students will learn how utilizing Yelp can be a strategic tool in your social media marketing. Students will learn with hands on instruction how "checking in", writing reviews, taking photos and interacting with the app can leverage your overall presence on the internet. It’s an efficient way to create visibility, get discovered by locals, and to develop relationships in the community while demonstrating your authority and ranking as a local expert. 6 PERSON MINIMUM FOR CLASS TO COMMENCE

Non-Clock Hour Class - The Basics of Title and Escrow - What Brokers Need to Know - 0 Clock hours
In this one, non-clock hour class real estate brokers will learn what title insurance is, some benefits of the Eagle Owner’s Policy versus the Standard Policy, what information to focus on when reviewing a preliminary title commitment and when it’s time to call a title officer. In addition, we will discuss how the escrow and closing process works, what an LPO is, how and when the Closing Disclosure and Settlement Statement are issued, and the critical items that must be communicated and received in order to avoid closing delays.

Non-Clock Hour Class - The Highlights of Settlement Statements - 0 Clock hours
In this one, non-clock hour class, the settlement statement will be reviewed section by section with the focus being on a better understanding of the charges shown in each section as well as examples of items that can lead to possible closing delays.

Non-Clock Hour Class - The How and Why of Reading a Title Commitment - 0 Clock hours
In this non-clock hour class real estate brokers will learn what a title commitment is, the role it plays in the real estate process and how to read it. In addition, they will have a better understanding of the various sources researched and compiled to make the report as well as be given examples of when it's best to call a title company for further assistance.

Non-Clock Hour Class - What Every Broker Needs to Know - Death, Divorce and Probate - 0 Clock hours
During this one hour, non-credit class brokers will learn how a deceased vested parties' interest impacts title. In addition, brokers will understand what probate is and what title companies require from the heirs if one isn't opened. Finally they will understand how a divorce may impact the underwriting process and what title companies look for in a decree.

Non-Clock Hour Class - Whats in a Package? Buyer and Seller Escrow Packages Explained - 0 Clock hours
This non-clock hour class will discuss the various forms, authorizations and information contained in both the buyer's and seller's packages sent from our escrow department at the beginning of a closing transaction. This class will assist real estate brokers in having a better understanding of the documents their clients receive and what is required to close a transaction in a timely manner.

Non-Clock Hour Class - When Title Gets Complicated - Guardianships, Vesting, Title Insurance Issues - 0 Clock hours
In this non-credit, one hour class brokers will learn the various types of deeds used when transferring real property, some of the options available when taking title and some of the lesser known vesting issues that arise in title insurance.

Planning for Success: Goals and Business Planning - 3 Clock hours
In this 3 hour class brokers will be given step by step instructions on how to create a business plan and grow their success. Their plan will be created by: - Focusing on what strengths and talents should be leveraged - Defining their economic goals - Outlining weekly activities to hit production targets - Learning time management tips and tools - Developing strategies to grow their sphere of influence - Creating a personalized, defined action plan - Utilizing tools to measure and track activities vs. results Upon attending this class you will leave with a detailed business plan that can lead you down the path to success!

Real Estate in the Social Media Age - 3 Clock hours
In this three, clock hour class we will explore the various social media platforms that brokers may use when executing a marketing plan and how the social media ecosystem works symbiotically, holistically and exponentially. We will examine and underline the importance of utilizing several platforms to leverage the most out of these powerful, online marketing tools. We will give tips on how to best use each social media platform to increase market presence in this ever changing social media age. Platforms covered include:
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Yelp
• YouTube
• Pinterest
• Google Plus
• Blogging & Podcasts Finally, students will be given various apps and tools that will assist in creating the content needed for the various platforms.

The Basics of Title and Escrow - 3 Clock hours
In this three clock hour class, attendees will learn the fundamentals of title and escrow. Specifically, they will learn what title insurance is, how it benefits consumers, what public resources are accessed to compile a title commitment and the important red flags and items to look for when reviewing a commitment. In addition, attendees will learn the differences in policy coverages, the types of deeds used in real estate, common ways to hold title as well as common terms used in our industry. On the escrow front, students will learn what escrow and closing are, the many tasks a settlement agent performs during a sales transaction as well as key items brokers can focus on that are critical for a smooth, timely closing.

The Benefit of Title Insurance - Round II - More Claims and Issues - 3 Clock hours
This 3 hour course is designed to give real estate brokers a base of knowledge regarding the process title companies go through when receiving, evaluating and paying claims. Some of the case studies we will cover include: Wrong Loan Numbers Wills Defalcation Builder issues IRS Tax Liens Easement Issues

The Homeowner's Policy - Why is it Better? - 3 Clock hours
In this class real estate brokers will gain a better understanding of the often misunderstood and overlooked coverages available with the more comprehensive Homeowner's policy. Specifically, they will learn how the Homeowner's Policy came into existence, the differences between the three owner policies available and receive highlights of the unique, user-friendly language used in the Homeowner's policy. In addition, they will explore an in-depth look, with real-life examples, of the unprecedented 30+ covered risks offered as well as see other enhancements that set the policy apart from the rest.

Title and Escrow Fraud in Today's Market - 3 Clock hours
This 3 clock hour class will explore various title & escrow fraud scenarios in today's market. We will also talk about various protocols put in place by some title/escrow companies to prevent these fraudulent schemes. Real estate brokers will want to learn about these schemes as they affect not only the title & escrow companies, but the brokers' clients, and, in some cases, the brokers themselves. We will discuss fraud involving: Cashier’s Checks Wire transfers Fraudulent Deeds, Reconveyances and Transfers Impersonations Elder Fraud

Title Claims and the Value of Title Insurance - 3 Clock hours
This 3 hour course is designed to provide brokers with a deeper understanding of title & escrow issues and explore how a title policy may benefit the insured in certain scenarios. First, students will learn what title insurance is, what it is not and how conditions, exceptions and exclusions can impact coverage as well as common misconceptions sometimes made about title insurance and coverage. Then we will explore several claim scenarios with various case studies and discover how circumstances can greatly impact title insurance coverage. These case studies cover issues involving:
• Zoning
• Easements and access
• Wire Fraud
• Incompetence, Forgery and other types of Fraud
• “I don’t really need title insurance, do I?”
• Legal Descriptions

Twitter - Essential Skills for Real Estate - 3 Clock hours
In this 3 Clock Hour Class students will learn the history of Twitter, how it applies to real estate and the opportunities it affords real estate brokers with hands on training. Class attendees will: *Set up a Twitter account and profile *Utilize photo editing tips and tools *Learn how to follow and use key words and #hashtags *Strategize getting indexed on Google *Discover their local Twitter community and conversations *Utilize best rules and practices of engagement *Link to their existing websites and social media accounts By class conclusion, students will leave with extensive knowledge in what Twitter has to offer in building their community and social media presence, as well as the tools and tips necessary to implement it.

When Title Gets Complicated - Death, Divorce and Other Title Issues - 3 Clock hours
In this three, clock hour class students will learn some interesting facts and cautionary tales when it comes to lesser-known and complicated matters we address in title insurance. Items covered are:
• Probate
• Lack of Probate
• Pending Divorces
• Trusts
• Transfer on Death Deeds
• POAs
• Guardianships
• Minors in Title
• Bankruptcy
• Elder Fraud Upon completion, students will have a better understanding of what documentation and communication may be necessary when dealing with trickier title insurance matters to make for a smoother transaction and closing.

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